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Support the application of
social capital and its research

We offer a range of scholarships to people who need a bit of extra support to learn about social capital. People who are conducting research on social capital or applying social capital theory to a worthwhile project can apply for one of our scholarships.

Our scholarships provide free access to one or more of our online training courses, including our advanced training programs.



  • Research students
  • Early career researchers
  • NGO research programs
  • Community researchers

Performance & Productivity


  • Managers and leaders
  • Non-government organisations
  • Charities and community groups
  • Change projects



  • Community level projects
  • Poverty alleviation initiatives
  • Service provision projects
  • Community support initiatives

Scholarship application form
Apply for a scholarship

Scholarship details

Our scholarships provide free or discounted access to our training programs. In some cases, scholarship recipients can also receive mentoring. Our scholarship program does not include payments to cover projects costs or living expenses.

Scholarship assessment

We assess scholarship applications on the basis of need. While we approve hundreds of scholarships every year we cannot approve every application. If you are unsuccessful we typically offer you discounted enrolment in our training courses to help reduce the burden and make the training more affordable.

What details to provide

Please tell us about your intended use of social capital, whether you are a student or employed to conduct research, whether you are working for an NGO or government department, and why a scholarship is necessary or would significantly assist you.

Most people write about 200 words, and we request no more than 500 words. Please provide any details you feel are relevant.

Assessment timeframe

It normally only takes us a few days for us to assess your scholarship application. We will contact you on the email you provide.

You can apply at any time of year.

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