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Vision & Mission

More effective, productive, and successful people, teams, organisations, projects, and communities

We have a vision of a world where people have the ability, capacity, and potential to collaborate, interact positively, and work together. A world where organisations are more productive, efficient, innovative, creative, and resilient and where people are connected and feel a strong sense of belonging and solidarity with others.

Our mission is to help people, organisations, and communities to realise the potential of social capital. We support researchers to improve our understanding of social capital and practitioners to apply the concept to make transformational change in the real world.

We work with people who want to use the concept of social capital as a lens to improve understanding or make transformational change. We work with project managers, policy makers, and leaders to gain a better understanding of the importance and value of social capital and to use it to improve the outcomes they care about.

We conduct research and support other research programs to improve the explanatory potential of the concept. We believe that scholarly inquiry is vital to developing a grounded understanding of social capital and how it can be applied in the real world.

We work with organisations of all kinds to improve social capital and its use within the organisation to improve productivity, efficiency, and the wellbeing of members. We also work with organisations to improve social capital and its use in the organisation’s projects and target communities. Our grounded approach to social capital can reveal significant opportunities to improve the organisation’s desired outcomes.

We support the practical implementation of social capital through ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Social capital is dynamic, so it requires ongoing monitoring.

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