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Measurement of Social Capital

The meausrement of social capital is a hot topic, with many scholars suggesting that it cannot be accurately measured and others proposing new and novel methods for measurement. What most authors agree on is that social capital must be measured in context and that it is very difficult, or impossible, to create a universal measure.

Social capital measurement

Attempts to measure social capital are flawed by problems with separating form, source and consequences – a common problem with the conceptualisation of social capital. ...
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social capital measurement

Can social capital be measured?

Social capital can be measured in a specific context where interdependencies are given due credit and attention, but I think there is a strong case ...
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How to measure social capital

A guide for the measurement of social capital at any level in any context. There is almost universal agreement that social capital is difficult to ...
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Does social capital measurement magnify existing problems?

Measuring social capital in organisations may be like holding up a magnifying glass on existing problems – it’ll reinforce whatever it sees. The most important ...
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What does it mean to measure social capital?

To measure social capital means to attempt to quantify the stock of social capital in a given context. Unfortunately, there is considerable debate and controversy ...
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Social capital measurement problems

For more than 10 years I have been following the literature on social capital measurement, and hoping that someone will publish a thorough synthesis and ...
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