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Social Capital

Most of the material published on this website is originally submitted for a qualification at the University of Queensland. You can cite this work as follows (depending on the required style).

Claridge, T. 2004, ‘Social Capital and Natural Resource Management’, Unpublished Thesis, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

See Google Scholar Citations for this publication

Participation Methodologies

In addition to the social capital thesis I have also published my work on community participation methodologies and how to incorporate social capital theory. Pages that relate to this publication can be found in the Participation Methodologies section.

Claridge, T. 2004, ‘Designing Social Capital Sensitive Participation Methodologies’,

See Google Scholar Citations for this publication

Blog Posts

Increasingly I am posting relatively non-academic articles on social capital and related topics to help with the general understanding of the concept. These articles can be found in the Blog section of the website. You should reference me at the author and substitute the year and article title in your citation.

Claridge, T. [year], ‘[article title]’,

 100 Years of Social Capital

Another publication on the website is 100 Years of Social Capital.

Corry.G.J.M. Ehlen. 2015. Co-creation of Innovation: Investment with and in Social Capital. Open University. Heerlen. The Netherlands. ISBN 97894 91825 77 4.

You should reference this work as:

Ehlen, C.G., Van der Klink, M., Boshuizen, H.P.A. (2014). One Hundred Years of ‘Social Capital’: Historical Development and Contribution to Collective Knowledge Creation in Organizational Innovation. Open University. Heerlen. The Netherlands.

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  1. Am currently working on a Uni assignment regarding community development and the theories social capital, your information has been very helpful. Thank you!

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