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Research in social capital Robust research methodology

We have extensive expertise in social capital research. Our specialty is qualitative methodologies, particularly enthnography. We believe this is the best way to investigate the richness of the research context.
We provide extensive resources on social capital on this website for free. These resources have been used by thousands of people around the world to advance their own research programs.

Academic interest in social capital

Over the last three decades the concept of social capital has swept across the social sciences, into the physical sciences, and virtually every area of academic enquiry. It has been adopted outside of academia; in politics, business, and international development, to name a few. But some people have suggested that its popularity is in decline. The data, however, does not support this view.

This short video illustrates the rise of social capital in different fields using data from the Web of Science database. It shows how the number of publications on social capital has increased in each field over time.

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Social Capital Research Affiliates

We are proud to be affiliated with the following organisations in advancing social capital research and practice. 
Social Capital Builders uses data science to assist individuals and groups, from unemployed job seekers to corporate executives, in mapping opportunity networks and identifying patterns of relationships and flows with people, groups and organizations that can Influence economic, social and equity opportunities.


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