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We remain firmly committed to creating lasting social change in the issues that affect us all. And we have much to contribute.

We continue to make the majority of our research freely available to the benefit of everyone in the world who has an interest in social capital and related concepts. Since 2005 we have provided hundreds of pages of academic and non-academic articles. Since then, thousands of people have contacted us to express their appreciation for free access to our work. We have also helped countless research students to design and conduct their research on social capital.

We have created and nurtured an international community of thousands of scholars and practitioners from over 100 different countries. The community we create has been incorporated to form the independent International Social Capital Association. We continue to support the association and its members in advancing the research on and the application of the social capital concept for the benefit of all.

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For over 15 years we have been the number one online resource on social capital.

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Supporting people to learn about social capital

Our scholarship program provides access to our online training courses for people who may otherwise not be able to access them. We believe this is important considering the role social capital can have in development and poverty alleviation. We want the benefits of social capital to be realised by everyone, regardless of means.


Supporting students and early career researchers

We welcome questions from research students and early career researchers who are applying social capital. Over the last 15 years we have helped hundreds of students with their research projects. Our website contains material designed to help people wanting to use social capital and is an excellent resource for researchers.


Supporting community-based organisations and charities

We have helped a lot of non-profit organisations over the years. We believe in the social good and the value that a concept such as social capital can have for community organisations and charities.
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