The Institute for Social Capital is a global leader in social capital theory and practice. We believe in the importance of social capital and the transformative potential it can have when it is understood and valued. Social capital provides a framework for identifying, understanding, and communicating the importance of social processes, and has great importance in virtually every aspect of human activity.

We are at the leading edge of the research and application of social capital. We promote scholarly research inquiry on social capital and provide training for researchers. We connect the latest research to our work with organisations. We believe every organisation, every project, every community, and every human activity can benefit from an understanding of social capital.

We aim for positive change through education and insight on the use and understanding of social capital in every facet of life.

The Institute for Social Capital is a consultancy and training organisation founded in 2005 with clients all over the world. The Institute for Social Capital was formerly Social Capital Research and Training, having rebranded in 2021 to avoid confusion when the community the business established and supported (an informal group of several thousand researchers and practitioners) incorporated to form the International Social Capital Association.


We offer a range of services from conducting research programs to a variety of training and consulting services.


Our research program substantiates the theoretical understandings and allows for meaningful application to business and organisational contexts.


We provide online and onsite training. We offer a variety of training courses and programs that are great for professional development, as well as workshops and seminars.


We work with organisations of all types to develop, implement, evaluate, report, and improve initiates related to social capital or organisational culture.


Helping people and communities

We have developed this website as a resource on social capital theory and research. We have hundreds of free articles designed to help people wanting to research or apply social capital, and we also offer free and premium online training courses.

Our scholarship program supports people who would otherwise not be able to access our premium online training courses.

Social capital can be applied to improve development initiatives, poverty alleviation projects, and organisational performance, to name just a few.


Improving social capital

The core of our business is working with organisations that would like to improve their social capital and organisational culture. We have the expertise to develop programs for social capital building and improvement of organisational culture.

We also provide capacity building for employees of organisations that would like to develop and implement their own programs.

Training in social capital is extremely valuable to leaders and managers as they have a significant role in creating social capital in their organisation.


Tristan Claridge established this website in 2005 after completing his postgraduate qualification at the University of Queensland, Australia. The website quickly became one of the top resources on social capital theory, which led to frequent consulting requests from around the world. Tristan assisted projects on an informal basis while teaching at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and in 2013 started to provide services as Social Capital Research and Training.

Tristan continues to actively researching in the field of social capital and is still intently interested in the concept and its application after over 20 years researching in the field. Tristan welcomes comments, questions, and input into this website to improve the resources and is open to requests for consultation and training.

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The International Social Capital Association is an international non-profit member-based association devoted to advancing the research on and the application of the social capital concept for the benefit of all.

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