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We operate at the leading edge of current knowledge on social capital and organisational culture. We work with organisations of any size, providing a range of research, training, and consulting services.

This is a very complicated field with relevant research being conducted in numerous disciplines including business, sociology, psychology, political science, health, environment, and a range of other areas where the concept is being applied. As social capital specialists we have been investigating and applying social capital for almost 20 years.

Our expertise is in social capital and organisational culture. We develop and maintain this expertise by conducting innovative research that contributes to the body on knowledge in this important field. We draw on our extensive knowledge and experience to provide high quality training and consulting to organisations who appreciate the importance of social capital and organisational culture.

Training is our passion. We enjoy working with people to improve the social environment of their organisation. We work with individual leaders or managers who want to improve the culture of their team, and whole organisations that want to make small or large changes to organisation-wide cultures.


Our research program substantiates the theoretical understandings and allows for meaningful application to business and organisational contexts.


We provide online and onsite training. We offer a variety of training courses and programs that are great for professional development, as well as workshops and seminars.


We work with organisations of all types to develop, implement, evaluate, report, and improve initiates related to social capital or organisational culture.

Tristan Claridge

Founder of the Institute for Social Capital

Tristan Claridge has over 20 years experience researching and applying social capital to a wide range of contexts. 

Tristan has a Masters degree from the University of Queensland, Australia, that included environmental impact assessment, social impact assessment, social planning for development, urban planning, and natural resource management.

Before establishing Social Capital Research & Training, Tristan was a university lecturer and tutor for 10 years. Early in his career, he developed a passion for teaching.

He continues to actively contribute to social capital research and has provided guidance to hundreds of organizations,  researchers and research students from developed and developing countries. His publications on social capital theory are among the most accessed resources on the topic.

Tristan has also applied social capital theory to community development, organisational culture, leadership, and the general challenges of modernity – particularly the role of non-economic forms of capital and their transformative effects on governance. After 20 years working on social capital from both the theoretical and practical perspectives, Tristan has a deep and grounded understanding of the concept and its application. He has a broad foundation for understanding social capital from numerous discipline and industry perspectives. Tristan is able to apply complex social theory to real-world situations and reach insightful conclusions based on this extensive experience.

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Provide advice on social capital organisational strategy

Project design

Social capital project design, monitoring, and evaluation


Measurement and observation for reporting or monitoring


Conduct research on a particular problem or issue for your organisation

Online Training

Setup an online training program specifically for your organisation or use take a course from our collection


Give a presentation on social capital or organisational culture


Run a workshop or work with the leadership team to improve social capital


Utilize any other aspect of our expertise in social capital

Tristan joined us to introduce Social Capital to our governance leaders. His detailed preparation was evident as he was able to break down the complexities of the topic into relatable language for our audience. With calm authority in the following panel discussion, he brought us to the nexus of the relevance of Social Capital to our networks in credit unions.
Eoin McGeeney
Irish League of Credit Unions


We provide training, research and reporting, facilitation and presentation services in relation to institutional strengthening, capacity building, community participation, social capacity, engagement, trust and empowerment in project design, social capital building or strengthening, social capital monitoring, social capital research and other related concepts.


Every organisation is different and has a different strategy, different goals, and different context.

We can start with a simple discussion about your organisation, your challenges, your goals, and your strategy.

We can help you to create and implement your own strategy, ensuring the sustainability of your social capital program.

Capacity building is an important part of any social capital strategy, and you may need ongoing guidance. These are our key services for organisations of all types and sizes.


Our expertise is in social capital for organisations. We are happy to discuss your organisation and how you may benefit from a greater understanding of the role of social capital.

You don’t need to commit to a large training or consulting project. We can just chat about your situation and give you advice. Contact us today to find out more.

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