Article submission Information for Authors

Social Capital Research & Training publishes significant original scientific research, as well as reviews and analyses of current research and policy. We welcome submissions related to social capital research and practice from all fields and disciplines of the social sciences.

Articles are to be submitted by email to We review all submissions for suitability and applicability to our audience.

Types of Articles

Research Articles (up to 8,000 words including references) are expected to present a the findings of novel and original research or analysis and should contribute to new knowledge.

Review Articles (up to 6,000 words including references) are expected to describe and synthesize recent developments of interdisciplinary significance and highlight future directions. They include an abstract, an introduction that outlines the main themes, brief subheadings, and an outline of important unresolved questions.

Commentary Articles (up to 4,000 words including references) are expected to highlight recent exciting research or provide context for research findings within a context of area of application. They can explain potential interdisciplinary importance and connections between different research projects or traditions. They can highlight and discuss the practical application of theory to a particular context.

Explanatory Articles (up to 4,000 words including references) are expected to explain and describe a particular area of theory or application. These articles must include explanation substantiated by citation of recent and relevant academic research on the topic or issue.


Accepted articles will be published on the Social Capital Research & Training website with an author bio for the primary author. If accepted, we will liaise with the primary author to select appropriate images, quotes, and to create the author bio.

Key requirements

  • The article must be related to the research or practical application of social capital (or a concept or issue closely related to social capital)
  • The article cannot have been previously published or licensed
  • You must be the sole copyright owner or have been authorised by any additional copyright owner(s)
  • The article cannot infringe any intellectual property rights
  • The facts contained in the article must be according to the current body of research true and accurate
  • The article cannot infringe any duty of confidentiality

Note: We do not publish articles written for the purpose of promotion. Articles must be original and cannot be published elsewhere. Any web links from articles and author bios will be reviewed for relevance and validity.

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