4 thoughts on “Trust and trustworthiness An aspect of the relational dimension of social capital”

  1. Thank you Mr. Tristan Claridge, I have referenced many articles or journals that you publish, because they are very relevant to the current conditions for public consumption. I hope you are healthy to continue working.

  2. Hi Tristan, I am fascinated by all the research you have pulled together and the blogs you are writing. I was looking for something that hints at what institutions in the developing country contexts are most likely to build trust? I can’t find something that specific by searching your database – perhaps it doesn’t exist? I can see I will spend a lot of time on this website. Thanks for being forward-thinking and entrepreneurial 🙂

    1. Hi Marielle, I am not aware of any work done on what institutions build trust in developing country contexts. It may be possible use the conceptual understanding of social capital to identify the types of institutions that build trust, or perhaps more importantly, the nature of institutions that build trust in a particular context.

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