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Structural, cognitive, relational social capital

The distinction between structural, cognitive, and relational social capital was made by Janine Nahapiet and Sumantra Ghoshal and forms the most widely used and accepted framework for understanding social capital. These dimensions are conceptual distinctions that are useful for analytic convenience but in practice social capital involves complex interrelations between the three dimensions. Level of […]

What is Structural Social Capital?

Structural social capital is a dimension of social capital that relates to the properties of the social system and of the network of relations as a whole. The term describes the impersonal configuration of linkages between people or units. It is the configuration and pattern of connections between people and includes the roles, rules, precedents, […]

Explanation of types of social capital

There are several dichotomies for classifying types of social capital. There are two main classifications for social capital: Network perspective From a network perspective social capital can be classified as either bonding or bridging with a third type suggested as linking. Bonding social capital – ties between individuals with a relatively high degree of network […]

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