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10 ways to improve social capital in remote teams

Many people report feeling isolated and disconnected from what is happening in the organisation when they are remote workers. They are no longer immersed in the social environment of the workplace, they don’t get to experience and observe the regular office interactions, and the mechanisms that would normally shape and reshape social capital are missing […]

Social capital, reputation and identity in organisations Implications for leaders

We intuitively understand that our reputation is extremely important. It takes a long time to develop a good reputation, but it can be destroyed almost instantly. Reputation is an important component of individual social capital since it relates to trustworthiness and a range of other factors. We may think that our reputation is solely the […]

Social sanctions and reputation in the workplace

Your workplace has norms that govern appropriate behaviour, even if you are may not fully aware of them. All workplaces do. When humans interact social norms are developed and these norms are enforced by social sanctions. A sanction is a reaction from others to the behaviour of an individual or group. In general sanctions for […]

Valuing success in the organisation: The tall poppy and the back slap

The role of celebration in organisational culture and social capital improvement How success and milestones are acknowledged and celebrated in an organisation has significant implications for organisational social capital and culture, and therefore performance. Consider the dichotomy between tall poppy syndrome and a congratulatory back slap culture. These are two very different ways in which […]

The objectionist, the status quo, and change within organisations

Change in organisations can be difficult, even traumatic for employees but change is required for improvement and ongoing success. In many workplaces there are people who are objectionists – I suspect this is not a real word but used here to describe people who regularly take objection to change initiatives. Therefore they are objection-ist. I’ve […]

The empathy-challenged employee: a growing problem?

Social interaction in our workplaces is increasingly important as automation replaces simple tasks, pushing our workers into more knowledge-based and management roles. The knowledge economy relies on social interaction and cultures that promote and facilitate these interactions. Research suggests we are seeing a decrease in empathy and increase in narcissism, particularly in our young people. […]

Using employee surveys to measure social capital in your organisation

Are you already measuring social capital through your employee satisfaction survey without knowing it? Many of the questions we typically ask in employee satisfaction surveys actually reveal a lot about our organisation’s social capital. A simple view of social capital is the extent of organisational connectedness – how many people know each other and how […]

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