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New Zealand’s pandemic response: solidarity in a post-truth world

New Zealand’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been distinctly different to many developed countries that have been plagued by inaction, divisiveness, misinformation, blame and deflection. New Zealand has shown remarkable community cohesion and solidarity and has unified behind the shared goal of eliminating COVID-19 from the country.  Post-truth politics creates a divided and fragmented […]

Understanding the impact of your social capital Social capital and leadership

Social capital may not be a phrase you have heard before, and even if you have you may not really know what it means. Social capital is a combination of words that don’t seem to belong together. How can ‘social’ be ‘capital’? This can be rather perplexing on first consideration. ‘Capital’ is an economic concept […]

The future of management The empowered employee or adult day care?

Create bridging social capital by simply networking

Go to the café, Go sit on the beach, Leave the office at 3pm, Just as long as you meet your goals. Our young employees are not the same as they used to be. The internet, rise of social media, decline of religion, increase in family breakdown, and massive technological advancements are just a few […]

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