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Applicability of Social Capital by the World Bank in Brazilian Poor Spaces

Since the end of the 1990s, at the request of the World Bank, four scientists – Christiaan Grootaert, Deepa Narayan, Veronica Nyhan Jones, and Michael Woolcock, developed six dimensions of social capital through research carried out in rural and urban areas in some developing countries. Based on these dimensions, they developed a questionnaire for measuring […]

Social capital and poverty alleviation

Social capital is a vital asset for those in poverty since it can provide access to that which is lacking: capital. Poverty is a state or condition in which a person or community lacks the capital required to meet their needs. Clearly the poor would benefit from more of all forms of capital. However, social […]

Call for Papers: Social Capital and Development: A Contested Relationship

Chiara Pierobon PhD (Universität Bielefeld) and Lilian Tauber (Durham University) are seeking to relaunch the academic debate about the relevance of social capital theory to development. This call for papers invites researchers and practitioners to submit their paper proposal (between 1,000 and 2,000 words) by October 31, 2019.  The papers will be collected for a special […]

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