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The difference between social capital and cultural capital

Export Reference Download PDF Print The concepts of social capital and cultural capital are similar and overlap in some significant ways depending on the meaning attributed to each concept. Cultural capital has at least two different meanings, and social capital has a multiplicity of definitions that can be grouped into at least four different broad […]

Social sanctions and reputation in the workplace

Your workplace has norms that govern appropriate behaviour, even if you are may not fully aware of them. All workplaces do. When humans interact social norms are developed and these norms are enforced by social sanctions. A sanction is a reaction from others to the behaviour of an individual or group. In general sanctions for […]

Valuing success in the organisation: The tall poppy and the back slap

The role of celebration in organisational culture and social capital improvement How success and milestones are acknowledged and celebrated in an organisation has significant implications for organisational social capital and culture, and therefore performance. Consider the dichotomy between tall poppy syndrome and a congratulatory back slap culture. These are two very different ways in which […]

Corporate social capital, the true value of a successful company

The key factor that separates the highly successful companies from the rest is not what it used to be – now it is social capital. It is not their physical assets, or their product, or even the talent of their employees. It is the way the talent, the product and the physical assets can be […]

A barren cultural landscape: causes and solutions

When we talk about barren cultural landscapes what do we actually mean? Are we suggesting there is a lack of culture? Or do we mean the outcomes of said culture are somehow undesirable or negative (from a certain perspective)? I hear about how modern culture is hollow, eaten out by rampant individualism. I hear about […]

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