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  • naima February 17, 2019

    respected sir
    very good cover to clear concept of social capitals
    I want to work in social capital in disaster resilience that how to achieve resilience through social capitals.
    I consider cognitive ,normative and regulative perspective for this because these three r pillar of any institutional world .but I still blank that how .I belongs to computer science and I really want to do something in disaster when I start study this domain I realize that social capital play vital role to achieve resilience. now I read your article and I feel these are belongs to what in my mind but not in clear vision.
    I want to do some quantitative analysis through data visualization but have no parameter of from where I start.
    need your guideline.

  • LUCY January 24, 2019

    This is great. share more about structural social capital.
    I defined the relational social capital on the basis of bridging and bonding.
    Share more on social capital


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