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5 thoughts on “Social capital, reputation and identity in organisations Implications for leaders”

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    Thank you Tristan. This article is so apt to what is going on in my groups: cognitive biases negative gossiping, some racist innuendoes ,gaslightings ,utterrances that may or may not reflect reality etc.,etc.

    My four groups: two groups of refuges of different “class” occupying villages of different “class” and being managed by my Manager of a” special”calling, while I am stuck in Canada (COVID-19), is presenting an interesting field case to study.
    Many of these individuals and groups are under serious environmental pressures of all sorts, which I am trying to capture. Its interesting (and costly) on my part, but I am enjoying the experience and will try to make a good work of it.
    Thanks again for your insight.

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      Thank you Charles. It is difficult times at the moment but it is good to hear you are doing what you can and learning from the experience. The more work I do on social identity the more I come to understand how important it is for group function and social capital.

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    Great article, Tristan!
    I am working with leadership training and this topic is well used in our conversations. Gossip is the problem most leaders face today and they are almost never positive around here.
    Thank you!!
    Edith Ornellas

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    I was just smiling & taking notes too. It is ture and very helpful article.
    Gossips have been there and will always be, what leaders fail in my experienes is the ability to influence & flip gossip into a constructive way. Hope everyleader out there take note of this.
    Thank you very much.

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