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Social Capital Related Conferences 2013

Social Capital 20213
Westin Alexandria, Virginia
February 27-28, 2013

MatchPoints Seminar 2013
The Culture of Politics, Economics and International Relations
23-25 May 2013

Ethnic Diversity and Social Capital: Mechanisms, Conditions and Causality
Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB)
24 and 25 May 2013

Business and Social Science Research Conference: Dubrovnik 2013
Dubrovnik, Croatia
June 27-28th, 2013

SOCAP13: Accelerating the good economy
Fort Mason Centre, San Francisco, CA
2-5 September 2013

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Tristan Claridge

New PODCAST on Social Capital now available!

The first episode of our new podcast is now available. In this weekly series, we explore. various topics related to social capital, navigating the divergent perspectives stemming from their academic disciplines.

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Latest News
Tristan Claridge

“Social Capital in Practice” Now Available

We have just published our general guide for the practical application of social capital. This guide is the result of over 20 years of work on the theoretical and practical application of social capital. Tristan breaks down the complexity of social capital into more easily understood components and establishes the logic of social capital and provides a framework that is suitable for any application.

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Latest News
Tristan Claridge

Social capital online training available in March 2024

In March 2024, we are running a 3-week course on social capital with three self-paced lessons and an optional Zoom tutorial each week. See the full course details here. Week 1: starting Monday, March 11, 2024 Self-paced lectures and readings

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