Social capital provides opportunities for understanding a range of phenomenon from an interdisciplinary approach. Social capital has a wide range of benefits. It has significant implications for projects, communities, businesses and any organisation. If you’re not already paying attention to social capital, you should contact us to discuss how we can help.


Social capital is a concept that is intuitive and part of our everyday lives, yet as a theory it is incredibly complex with multiple dimensions operating at multiple levels with a range of different factors that determine whether it has positive or negative effects. Our expertise is working with organisations of all sizes to monitor, improve, or investigate social capital.

Tristan joined us to introduce Social Capital to our governance leaders. His detailed preparation was evident as he was able to break down the complexities of the topic into relatable language for our audience. With calm authority in the following panel discussion, he brought us to the nexus of the relevance of Social Capital to our networks in credit unions.
Eoin McGeeney
Irish League of Credit Unions

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