Tristan Claridge

  • Principal Social Capital & Organisational Culture SpecialistSocial Capital Research & Training

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Tristan Claridge has a passion for technology, innovation and teaching. He is an academic and entrepreneur, and he uses his cross-discipline knowledge and experience to solve problems and identify opportunities. He has bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Queensland in Australia. He has qualifications in environmental science, social theory, teaching and research, and business management.

Before starting Social Capital Research & Training Tristan was a university lecturer and tutor for 10 years. Early in his career he developed a passion for teaching. To improve his teaching practice he completed courses, and putting scholarship into practice, he also contributed to research on teaching in higher education. He was part of a working group at the university researching  Working with the faculty, Tristan created new course offerings, including settings topics, readings, tutorial tasks and exercises, assessment, and marking and moderation processes. During this time Tristan developed his skills as a presenter, teacher, facilitator, and researcher.

Tristan also has extensive experience in business. He has scoped, planned, raised capital, and established several businesses, and has been involved in their ongoing management and development. His business experience is varied – having started and worked in businesses in technology, wholesaling, importing, and education. Tristan is dedicated to the application of social capital theory to organisations. His diverse experience in teaching, research, and business has given him a unique perspective on organisational social capital and the potential improvements that can be achieved in any organisation.