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Exploring Social Capital

Navigating the diverse concept of social capital
By Lindon Robison and Tristan Claridge

This weekly series explores various topics related to social capital, navigating the divergent perspectives stemming from their academic disciplines. While economic and sociological viewpoints may appear irreconcilable at times, Lindon and Tristan skillfully bridge the gap, seeking mutual understanding and consensus on pivotal issues.

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Exploring Social Capital Podcast
Exploring Social Capital Podcast
Social exchanges and social capital

About the Show

Join Lindon Robison, Emeritus Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics at Michigan State University, and Tristan Claridge, President of the International Social Capital Association, as they engage in illuminating discussions exploring the meaning and application of social capital theories and related topics.  Lindon and Tristan, driven by a shared passion to better understand and apply the social capital concept, bring their distinct backgrounds—economics and sociology—to the table, fostering captivating conversations on the challenges and rewards of visiting social relationships through the lens of social capital.

In each episode, Lindon and Tristan delve into the complex and diverse concept of social capital. Their conversations not only unravel the meaning and significance of key theories, concepts, issues, and events but also contribute to a broader exploration of understanding and recognizing the intrinsic social value that underlies our interconnected world. Tune in as these two thought leaders navigate the intersection of economics and sociology, offering unique insights and fostering a shared appreciation for the profound impact of social capital.

Meet the Hosts

Lindon Robison

Emeritus Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics at Michigan State University

Tristan Claridge

Director of the Institute for Social Capital and President of the International Social Capital Association

New Episodes

Stay tuned for a new episode every Sunday as we continue to explore the intriguing and valuable concept of social capital.

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Robison, L.J., Oliver, J.R. Rationalizing predictably irrational choices: the social capital synthesis. Ann Reg Sci 70, 611–631 (2023).

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Social capital's connection to the various social sciences

Ep 5. One of the reasons social capital has so many definitions and there is a lack of consensus among those who study it is that there is hardly a social science that hasn’t embraced the concept of social capital and adapted it to promote its own interests. The fact that scholars from different disciplines […]

What does social capital produce?

Ep. 4. One requirement for something to be capital is that it enables the production of goods – something that satisfies socio-emotional and physical needs. In social capital, relationships are the factory that produces the flows of goods and services that satisfy human needs. In other studies of capital, we distinguish between kinds of capital […]

The nature of capital and social capital

Ep 3. Capital is primarily an economic concept that refers to something capable of producing a good or service or transforming other goods without losing its identity. For capital to maintain its identity in the production and transformation of other goods requires that it has a potential supply of services from which it can provide […]

What is social capital - what can we agree on?

Ep 2. While there are wide differences in how social capital has been defined, there is general agreement that it has to do with relationships–how we are connected. In our previous podcast we noted that the nature and intensity of our relationships can be inferred from the level and kinds of goods we exchange. At […]

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