Further Research Opportunities in Social Capital Theory

This study provides the basis for further conceptualization and identifies a number of areas where further research is required. There are currently a plethora of categorizations of social capital in the literature that require further work to establish a rigorous set of types. Another area that requires work is the causal relationships that determine productive / perverse social capital that appear to be highly context specific. A particularly important area is in the development of sufficient tools for empirical measurement and theoretically informed building attempts. There are a number of other research areas identified, including:

  • processes working to reduce the costs associated with working together thereby facilitating collective action;
  • the various levels, and ownership of social capital as well as the types, to establish an agreed framework and definition (with empirical support);
  • processes and how they operate to build or improve social capital structure; and
  • each of the elements of the conceptualization and measurement based on this theoretical framework.

Citing this article

This article is part of a thesis submitted to the University of Queensland, Australia. You should reference this work as:

Claridge, T., 2004. Social Capital and Natural Resource Management: An important role for social capital? Unpublished Thesis, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

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