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WEBINAR: Prof. Elena Carrillo Álvarez: Social capital and adolescent health promotion: from theory to practice


This presentation will provide a brief summary of social capital conceptualizations as they relate to youth. Data from several researchers on social capital and adolescent wellbeing will be presented based on a range of outcomes including nutrition, physical activity, use of technology, self-rated health or academic performance. The presentation will conclude by discussing implications for practice and implementation.


Discussion and Q&A Session on Social Capital – June 2022


The session will be based around questions submitted by participants and will include general discussions of social capital and related concepts. The session will focus on the theoretical and practical application of the concept including its use in research.


WEBINAR: Prof. Sally Davenport: Social Capital Ideas and the Building of a Mission-Led Research Programme


Collaboration, and more of it, is often called for across many walks of life, the assumption being that more diverse contributions will improve outcomes and impact. As an innovation researcher with a scientific background, I have always been interested in the role of collaborative activity to successful (or otherwise) research projects. As we are well aware, the development of social capital is viewed as essential to collaboration. Over the years I have explored what appears to support the building of social capital, particularly when geographical proximity isn’t possible, such as in international collaborations and/or virtual organisations.

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