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The appeal and need for the concept of social capital

February 5, 2021 @ 6:00 am - 7:30 am UTC


This week Tristan Claridge will give a presentation: “The appeal and need for the concept of social capital”.

In this webinar Tristan will discuss whether the concept of social capital can be a transformative tool, or whether it reinforces the problems we hope it will address.

The term “social capital” was used sporadically through the 20th century but it was not until the 1990s that it rapidly started to spread across the social sciences, into the physical sciences and virtually every area of academic enquiry. It has been adopted outside of academia; in politics, business, and international development, to name a few.

The term “social capital” communicates something that is missing and clearly urgently needed, as evidenced by the enormous growth in popularity of the concept. Social capital emphasizes the importance of social factors that are typically undervalued or overlooked in modern society that is increasingly dominated by individualism, competition, and a focus on economic priorities. Tristan will discuss the need for a concept like social capital and how we can use it as a transformative tool.

This event is part of our regular presentation and discussion session for researchers including PhD/master students.

This session is 6am UTC / 7am BST / 8am CEST / 11.30am IST / 4pm AEST / 7pm NZT and will be facilitated by Tristan Claridge. A second session will be held 12 hours later.

These sessions are a supportive way to connect with people. You can ask questions, get advice, discuss ideas or issues, get suggestions for literature to read, or you can just listen.

Do you want to present your research? Giving a short presentation to the group can be great practice for confirmation, thesis defense, or rehearsal for conference presentations. It can really help to formulate your ideas, get feedback on your research, and discuss your project.

Presentations can be helpful at various stages of your research program. In the early stages it can be helpful to get feedback from the group to help formulate your research, and later in your research to make sense of the data and practice presenting your final results.

Would you like to make a presentation to the group? Click here for more information and to submit a proposal.

Generally, presentations are 15 min (or shorter). The content of your presentation will depend on your research stage.


February 5, 2021
6:00 am - 7:30 am UTC




Tristan Claridge
+64 22 018 9043

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