16 Sep 2020

Economic approaches to social capital discussion – 16 September 2020


Are you a student or scholar who is interested in economic approaches to social capital?

The discussion session will be facilitated by Tristan Claridge and Jacob Spanke. This is an opportunity to share your ideas and hear from other scholars.

There are several different approaches to social capital, and even within the discipline of economics there have been several approaches to its conceptualisation and operationalisation. These issues continue to be challenging for students and scholars who use the concept. This discussion session is an opportunity for experienced scholars to share their ideas and for those who are relatively new to social capital to learn more about the different approaches.

Video from the session

About the facilitators:

Tristan Claridge has been researching social capital for over 20 years. He has explored the theoretical foundations of the concept and much of his work aims to bring conceptual and theoretical clarification. Read more about Tristan

Jacob Spanke is involved in social capital research for five years by now. He wrote his master thesis about lacking trust as cause of the Greek crisis and is now pursuing a PhD at the University of Siegen.

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