Vision, mission & strategy

Vision, Mission & Strategy


We have a vision of organisations where everyone enjoys their job, and wants to work. Where people feel a sense of belonging, where they are happy and fulfilled, and where organisations are productive, efficient, innovative, creative, and resilient.

Our mission is to research to find ways to improve the social environment of organisations, particularly where there are productive outcomes, and to contribute to cutting edge knowledge in this field. We aim to disseminate this information and provide training and consulting services to organisations of all types and sizes.

We work closely with organisations to identify opportunities for improvement according to their strategic direction and operational goals. We work together with key people to develop a strategy for change that is appropriate, realistic, and timely.

The strategy is normally implemented internally, by the people who are directly involved, such as the executive, leadership, and HR. Often new knowledge or skills are beneficial to this process.

We provide capacity building for key people that can include one or more of the following: individual coaching, peer support groups, group workshops, lecture series, mentoring, and self-directed learning. These training programs can be provided organisational-wide, or just to specific business units or teams, or to leadership and managerial personnel.

We support project implementation and can continue to support ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Social capital and organisational culture is dynamic so requires ongoing monitoring.

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