Our story

Our Story


Tristan Claridge founded the Institute for Social Capital as Social Capital Research & Training in 2005 after completing a Masters involving research on social capital from the University of Queensland, Australia. He was originally interested in how social capital could improve the performance of environmental groups but discovered that at the time the concept of social capital was not sufficiently conceptualised to allow for rigorous application. Instead his research contributed to the theoretical understanding of the concept.

Tristan established this website on social capital in 2005 to help other people wanting to research the concept or apply it to any context. The website quickly became the number one resource on social capital online.


Organisational social capital

Over time Tristan became increasingly interested in the application of social capital to organisations, particularly to businesses. Tristan has extensive experience in business and has consistently utilised social capital theory in his work.

Social capital forward thinking

Helping people and organisations with social capital

Tristan now runs the Institute for Social Capital to help organisations of all types to improve their social capital and organisational culture. He continues to conduct research in the field and works with businesses and other organisations on cutting-edge social capital strategies.